What we do


Tuition. Meals. Scholastic Materials. Uniforms /Shoes. Mosquito Nets. Healthcare





This is the time when a child is sponsored and gets that missed opportunity of going to school at a cost  of US$45 per mounth We believe that as we stand together to build a brighter future for the children of Africa, together we will experience a hope fulfilled. Along the journey, we continue to find that we also learn lessons of hope lived and see endless examples of true joy from our brothers and sisters in Africa.Your child sponsorship donation of only $45 a month will provide education, nutrition, healthcare and empowerment programs in order to enable a better future for orphans of the HIV/Aids epidemic in Uganda. Just select a child to get started.





Child cannot well respond to what is taught in the classroom when hungry. Therefore, the best way of attending to the problem is by providing a meal for the child at school  and  even at home .  Children in this impoverished area often go to school on empty stomachs and remain hungry all day. CWF  is yet to set up a lunch program to ensure that each student entitled to a free hot meal every day.



Scholastic materials


A child can access the required scholastic materials  to enable her or him attend the lessons properly 



Child is given the chance of putting on shoes instead of going to school bare footed. Avoiding getting dirty with mud and hurting his feet at a cost of US$25 .The uniform costs US$29 per child, this is a school pre requirement



Mosquito Nets/ Mattresses




Children being issued with nets and mattresses. The nets help them for the prevention of mosquito bites. The mattresses and blanket help them not to sleep on bare floor for discomfort. All the items at a cost  of US$25 per child




Health Care


With the help of a clinic in the community  children are treated of killer diseases like malaria, whooping cough, headaches & other illnesses at affordable costs. CWF– UGANDA partnered with this clinic for children to be treated at flat rate of US$ 10 per month.


For more details please contact the coordinator of  cwf -uganda on how  you support to  our project s

at the email.cwfuganda@gmail.com